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About the Owners

Expert ICF is owned and operated by Steve Mercer and Kirk Saulnier. With a combined construction experience of over 60 years and both partners owning and operating their primary construction companies for a combined time of over 55 years they know the industry inside out. They decided to come together and form Expert ICF to compliment the other companies. Being known for doing what they say they will do is what has built a reputation for both in the construction industry, something that unfortunately is far to uncommon. Servicing Central Ontario and the GTA for many years and building

relationships with customers and other industry professionals, people know they can count on them to get the job done!


Dream, Design, Build, Expert ICF along with it's sister companies can help with every step along the way to your project big or small into a reality. In any construction project you want to deal with a company that understands the importance of Time, budget and communication, at Expert ICF these are always a priority for us. In most projects there are issues that will arise, dealing with a company that knows how to overcome such obstacles is crucial in maintaining these three key factors.


Our crews are fully certified in ICF construction and always maintain a professional jobsite with a high quality outcome at the end. The additional knowledge that our crew brings with extensive experience in all facets of building eliminates future obstacles that are foreseen at the beginning stages and carried

through to the end of the project.

Benefit for HomeOwners 

The great interior environmental quality (IEQ), energy-efficiency, and disaster-resistance that modern homeowners seek are all provided by an ICF home, such as one constructed using Fox Blocks. Homeowners who choose an ICF structure can expect the following advantages over those who choose a wood-frame structure: a 20 percent or greater energy savings, a 10 to 30 percent reduction in outside air penetration, a 4-hour fire rating, twice the strength, and three times quieter.

An ICF home is more cost-effective to build, more energy-efficient, and better for the occupants' safety and comfort. Additional benefits of constructing an ICF home with Fox Blocks include simple and low-risk construction as well as pest and moisture resistance.


For your new custom house or business structure, we at Expert ICF have taken on the research and construction processes to ensure that it will sufficiently provide a cosy, enduring, and high-quality living environment. The energy-efficient options for a secure, tranquil, and healthy atmosphere are provided by the ICF systems employed in our projects. It also guarantees the structural soundness of the house, lifetime contentment, and well-maintained warranties.

Our Quality Guarantee

Two partners own and run Expert Icf, which has its headquarters in Orillia
They have both spent their entire careers working in the construction industry, and they have been engaged in the business of building homes for more than 30 Years.

Expert Icf has developed into a multi-crew business that takes on a variety of jobs in and around central Ontario and the GTA, and has completed small to big projects. In addition to producing high-quality work, the success has come from assisting clients with ideas and designs throughout the project in order to enable the client to meet their project objectives.


Our crew is aware of the quick-paced nature of the ICF industry and how crucial punctuality is. It all comes down to making the most of a small window of opportunity, finishing the task successfully in a set amount of time, and keeping a strong line of communication open with the owner or general contractor.

Create your dream home.
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